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Done with applications and might possibly be happier than a clam.

Done with applications and might possibly be happier than a clam.

I've already talked about how I do not say the harsh "L-word" often. So I'll say "olive juice" to everyone reading this (If you don't know what I'm talking about, mouth the words "olive juice" in the mirror). Now that we're all on the same page: thank you for your continual support, family, friends, and strangers. Your feedback is so encouraging, and I would not be writing here without you reading.

With that said, it's been a while, and lots has happened since my last post. The Spice Girl originated as a potential portfolio supplement for a post-graduate internship, and those applications are done. I thought about abandoning all things Spice Girl because, who am I to write about food? But, here I am still writing.

It's not that I have the best recipes that must be shared with the world - because I most definitely don't, or that I'm the best writer and photographer - because I 100% am not. However, I am in this weird transitional stage of my life, and it could be an interesting journey to watch. You see, I applied to internships to become a Registered Dietitian that would begin in January 2016, and I do not find out acceptance until the month before May graduation. 

Regardless of admission to this internship, I'll have six months off school. This will be the longest break I've ever had from school since I was 5, and you'll get to see how I will fill my six month hiatus. AND, I want you to benefit and learn with me as I go through this transition. 

So with that, The Spice Girl is back, and hopefully there won't be any other breaks quite as long as this past one.

While on my "blog break", here are some things I missed out on telling you:

  • My heroes at Tasting Table  selected my Spanish Tortilla to be a semi-finalist in their first ever recipe challenge for dishes with 5 ingredients or less.
    Voting is over and I did not win, but such a pleasant surprise and honor to be featured.
Tasting Table
  •  Hugh Acheson, a top chef judge and James Beard award winner, is my Instagram friend.
    I have no idea why he follows my page, but it's always an honor to see what he "likes". I also have an ongoing realization that James Beard winners and top chef judges are just people too, and no need to have conniptions over silly things like Instagram.
  • Check out my Instagram page  for anything else you might have missed over the break!
    Like this glamour shot of our household pet, a Basil plant.

Now it's your turn to write. What type of posts do you want to see in the future? More recipes, lifestyle tips, travel tips, videos, writing? Comment below and tell me what you think!