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About Me


Being the youngest of seven children, I always had to fight for my food. You know, if I wasn't going to wake up for Sunday morning pancakes, no one's saving those for me on a late-plate. I guess the early bird really does get the pancakes.

To put food on the table, my father operated (still operates) a small leather shop on Florida's East Coast. In addition to always providing family lunches for his employees, he always provided me with ample freedom to create and work with my hands. Whether that was starting my first pillow-making business in fourth grade (R.I.P. B&B Pillows) or more recently getting in his way to change the sewing machine's thread color for my apron prototypes, I have always felt empowered to create at "the shop".

In between studies to become a Dietitian, I staged at A Fuego Negro, a small pintxo bar, in San Sebastian, Spain. The first things those sweet, patient chefs handed me when I arrived were a chef's coat and an apron that swallowed me. I managed to tie the apron to the point where it was not putting anyone in danger, but it made me start thinking forward to the leather shop waiting for me back in Florida: There has to be a way to make an apron that is inexpensive, built to last, and functional for all levels of cooking. I have to be able to create an apron that is more one-size-fits-all.

So I did.