The Perfect Sandals

Every journey begins with a single step the perfect sandals.

The first step on the road to adventure is indeed important. For many, the first step is the hardest part. However, the journey truly begins with the perfect shoes, or in my case, sandals. You see, shoes represent the amount of thought and preparation that is dedicated to the adventure. Shoes too heavy and you're moving too slow or growing weary. Shoes too flimsy and your feet are sore and blistered. Shoes that are just right will carry a person to whatever destination that they please.

For me, the sandals in the video above are the perfect sandals to carry me to my adventure.

The sandals were handcrafted in my dad's leather shop that also happens to be the place that I spent most of my childhood growing up. Not to mention, it's the place of my first job - I was oiling sewing machines and winding bobbins around age 4. The materials, craftsmanship and origin of the sandals embody my childhood and my family history. These sandals will be my part of home to keep me grounded that I'll take with me across the world. 

With that said, this blog thus far has been an online journal of my food life the past few months, and it's time for a little change. I will be doing some traveling soon, and I will share the travel details here in addition to the normal food bits and bobs. Perhaps you'll learn some travel tips. But, I don't want this to be all about me. I want to hear and see what you are up to this summer - I want to see where your shoes are taking you!

Whether it's your favorite pair of Birkenstocks or some fresh Nikes, what are you wearing when you leave for a trip? What carries you through your adventures? To show me, and everyone else, tag #WhatCarriedMeHere on your big adventures on any social media so we can all keep up with each other. And be sure to remember: every journey begins with the perfect shoes. 

Love you all & happy adventuring.
Spice Girl